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Every woman is unique and that includes you.  We, at JJ Footwear, know that not every foot or leg is the same and as a result finding boots and shoes that fit properly is not always as easy as it could be.  JJ Footwear provides a perfect solution.  Made from the finest Italian leathers, we design a collection of beautiful shoes, boots and ankle boots   Our collection is available in a range of sizes, width fittings and calf width fittings.  Our calf width fittings range from extra small (XS) to extra wide (6XW).

With almost a century in footwear design and manufacture we felt we had the credentials to develop a solution for the 40% of women who have difficulty finding perfectly fitting boots. A little over 10 years ago we became one of the first companies to launch the wide calf-fitting boot.

Whilst developing a wide calf boot solved a significant number of problems facing consumers it did not answer them all. Consumer feedback demonstrated to us that the calf width was not the only problem and we would have to focus on other areas to guarantee perfect fit. 

Today we have created a system
 in which four crucial measurements are taken from the in-step, foot, and ankle and calf widths and together with the addition of our removable insoles we have created the most comfortable, perfectly fitting range of shoes, ankle boots and knee high boots in a range of colours, styles and finishes.